Issuing Refunds is Easy on DW Event
Oct 20, 2010



When customers require refunds for their payments, DW Event's online event management and registration system makes it easy with just a few clicks of your mouse. Our end-user account system enables you to log into a client's account and view their payment history, as well as make changes, additions, or cancellations as needed.


For refunds, the steps are as follows:

  • login to your DW Event CRM
  • find the client's profile (#1 below)
  • click 'View Order History' (#2 below)
  • find the transaction you need to refund (#2 below)
  • click the "Refund" link beside the payment (#2 below)
  • complete the refund information -- the system will remove the client's registration from this event if you issue a full refund (#3 below)
  • if necessary, you can re-register the end user using a different payment method from the same account management area.

#1: View Client Profile


#2: Order History (create a refund is at bottom below "Payment Date")



#3: Refund details window


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