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Now Integrated with Social Networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin
Sep 15, 2009
DW Alliance's publisher and Micro Event Manager are now connected to the leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Reddit, and more.
A super CMS integrated directly with your Event Registration Software
Mar 03, 2009
We built a connector from our best of breed content management system(the same one used by newspapers, magazines and high end content providers all over the world) to our enterprise grade Event Registration System.
Advanced End User Tracking
Which article did your client view? Oct 30, 2008
Added new tracking and reports for sites that charge and or require logins to view all or some articles.
Publisher List / Find Articles
Oct 15, 2008
We updated our CMS Content Management System to have an internationalized date / time and put the total number of articles presently managed by the system.
Publisher GUI Upgrade
Sep 21, 2008
A prettier and more functional update to the publisher editor.
Remove Microsoft Word HTML from Article
Fixing the tinymce + firefox + Microsoft Word + IE page problems. Jimmy Brake Sep 20, 2008
When copying and pasting directly from a Microsoft Word Document you often get more than you thought.
What We Like Most About TinyMCE - Publisher Content Editor
How to use important features of TinyMCE Jimmy Brake Jun 13, 2008
This is a brief tutorial that hi-lites the features of TinyMCE
Web, Contact, Shopping Cart and other Reports
How to use and what each report displays. Jimmy Brake Jun 11, 2008
Details about the many reports and reporting tools inside the DW Alliance CRM.
Check IN / Check Out Articles
Stop the duplicating editing efforts. May 13, 2008
Please don't update this Article!
Update to Javascript News Syndication Tool / Service
May 12, 2008
This alternative to xml / rss syndication is even easier than an rss tool - we support both of course.
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